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We are Hams & We are Marketing

We know the ham radio world and market and we are marketing and SEO professionals to bring your projects on ham radio & internet to the next level.


¿What is happening when hams look for your products or services? ¿Are you appearing on top? We will tell you what is up and we will help you to increase your visibility.

Campaigns and Content

Google Ads, campaigns with top ham radio operators, events, content for your website that rank up in Google and other Search Engines. If you need it, we have it. Sure.

Ham Marketing Network

We are content creators and we are near the community to spread the word about your projects thru podcasts, youtube channels, twitch, blogs…

Web Design for Ham Radio

If you need a web site, a blog, a project platform focused on ham radio community, then we are sincronized with your objectives.

Branding & Mentions

Imagine your brand appearing in hundreds of podcasts, youtube channels, blogs, twitch channels, social media… Why? Becouse we are in touch with a large ham radio content creators, as we are. We can place your brand on many channel to impact the ham comunity.

We work to promote the Ham Radio too

We work promoting the ham radio to people interested in our hobbie. We publish news, posts, podcasts and youtube videos to make the ham radio a great way of live.

Featured Work

Let’s work together on your
next ham radio project

Contact us and we will work together to put you projects on top of search engines, networks and in the top of mind of Radio operators.